1v1 a good Goth can counter a Byz. How cool is this!? More info about the Xolotl Warrior - https://ageofempi... T90Official. Mongols are nice because getting up to feudal with low populations can be hard for some new players, but 50% hunting makes 21 or 22 pop very easy. Saracen,Turk and Persian civs Arabic unit set. This sums it up pretty well; Indians vs Meso civs; Maybe now I'll be good at quick walls? When examining our news schedule as staff, we realized that we were doing an excellent job of covering news within the AoKH community, but our coverage of events and initiatives in the wider AoE2 community left a little to be desired. In AoE2 I think for me the main focus would be macro and effective use of APM to prepare you for times where you need more than you have. With a full Americas theme, the maps will also represent some place in that continent! The largest "middle of the night" aoe2 streamer (wintergaming, a SC2 caster) who had been playing age with > 1k viewers every day for the past few weeks just raged out of AoE2 because of the lag/performance issues. on central america there are Spanish, Portuguese and the three Meso-American Civs. I'm open to the idea of using them instead of cavalry (If you know you prefer Meso-American civs, pick this answer and skip to question 14) 0%. Age of Empires II: DE - Lords of the West, coming January 26th; Red Bull Wololoo is back with a 3rd edition! Meso Civs Can Train Horses in AoE2 DE. I recently heard this from a from a friend and saw it shared on the AoE2 subreddit. That would be more interesting and also in line with AoE's rock paper scissors concept. The Kamayuk is the first unique unit of the Incas in Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten, the other being the Slinger. Hey I'm back . I understand that AoE2 fans have an extreme aversion to change, but I think that this might be something that would be better accepted by the community - because the Meso-American Civilizations already have their own custom Monk model. But their scoutline is one of the worst in the game beside the meso civs – they may have 5 more HP than a light cavalry, but they only have 9 attack, 2 less than a light cavalry. Fortress Age - 1700 - 1769. Ethiopia might be a tier 1 civ against most other civs. Hi guys! It took me 30 minutes to write, and I might be playing some AOE2 today! share. Meso-American - 0:02 Western European - 0:25 East European - 1:01 Southeast Asian - 1:35 Mediterranean - 2:10 East Asian - 2:49 Cumans-Tatars - 3:24 African - 3:59 Central European - … Meso civs must anticipate more than other civs though, so just sitting around and waiting for the FI to strike will make it a lot harder on them. I usually play 2v2 to 4v4. The Slinger is the second unique unit of the Incas in Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten, the first being the Kamayuk. A fast imperial comes with a risk, you need to be untouched for about 23 minutes and hope your enemy is unprepared. The meso civs (Mayans and Aztecs) have good early bonuses and hence are ideal for it. Since I'm most familiar with Asian history, I gonna talk about Asian civs. save. Meso civs usually counter non gunpowder civs. Celts 5. This is the first video where I play multiplayer maps with civs fitting to the map, e.g. Aztecs 4. The Mesos civs would be much weaker, because they wouldn't get any siege units and crucial blacksmith techs like iron casting on the meso side. The Stable is a military building in Age of Empires II that becomes available once the Feudal Age is reached and a Barracks is built. Other civs used for drushing are the mongols, the celts and the goths. Author: Replies: HockeySam18 Dúnadan posted 04-26-15 10:44 AM CT (US) 1 / 28 These are all very good civs. Mayan. Aztec,Maya Meso unit set. It is an anti-infantry ranged unit. So, yeah, mechanics. How important is the scout line to you? Thoughts? 0. I'd like to have the Light Cavalry upgrade, but I'm willing to sacrifice having Hussars. Represents the age of exploration, including famous explorers, and trade with Native populations. Mayans 3. No one really cares if one civ is completely overpowered. ID3 F TALB ÿþHold On TightTPE1- ÿþMezcal Brothers, TheTPE2- ÿþMezcal Brothers, TheCOMM X engÿþÿþPersonnel: Gerardo Meza: Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar Benny Kushner: Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals Charlie Johnson: Upright Bass / Backing Vocals Shaun Theye: DrumsTCOM ÿþBuck GriffinTPOS 1/1TCONE ÿþRockabilly Revival / Roots MusicTIT2 ÿþ7:10 Roll ByTRCK 04TYER 2008APIC … Jupsto. Cheap archers is a huge bonus as well because meso armies are predominantly archery until Imperial (cheaper is stronger than faster production btw), and the ability to do a cheap stonewall and then drop a castle into plumes is also there. Chinese,Japanese,Korean,Mongols Asian unit set. I recently heard this from a from a friend and saw it shared on the AoE2 subreddit. (Free pikes/halbs are useless vs meso.) Lure your first boar once your villagers are starting the last sheep. How cool is this!? It trains and improves cavalry. In my opinion, there're two important criteria when selecting a potential new civ. The age when colonizing of the New World began . It is a 1v1 tournament where only 3 civilizations will be played! No one really cares … A few eagles can make up for the lack of hussars since you will most likely upgrade your eagles anyways. Celts,Britons,Franks,Spanish default set. Despite AOE2 already has 35 civs, I feel that there're still some important civs missing. 0. The Meso civs are pretty versatile on land. on arabia main picks are like huns etc. 11. If you can surprise your enemy or play some mindgames with him you’ll have a great chance on succeeding. At least I would say that mud buildings will be part of the AOE world if you have seen the teaser of the new expansion, so Mississipians aren't illogical. Against a Meso civ I don't think they would be very good. I'd probably have you start by playing Huns and attempting to execute a crisp, generic feudal age archer or cav start into cav archers in castle. Stables are available to all civilizations except for the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans. Teutons,Vikings,Goths,Huns German unit set. It is an anti-cavalry infantry unit that carries a very long spear. Incas, Mayas and Aztecs. Aztec Elite Eagle Warrior. Most Civs recieve a specialized graphic set for the last age. Last edited by ExTiNcT_SaNitY; May 21, 2013 @ 6:27am #1. I think either of the meso civo because of loom and easier scouting, along with good eco bonuses. They have FU trash, and their civilians can act like trash as well. Spanish should be Tier 1 in Post-Imp + trade just like the byzantines. 0. This mod gives a different looking unit set for the Arabic,Asian,German,Byz and Meso civs. EWs cost 20 food and 50 gold, and when FU in Castle, they are simply hyperactive boys with 50 HP, 9 attack, and 2/4 armour. I just don't get why the devs inevitably screw up the MOST IMPORTANT issue in the game: performance. So far I feel like Britons, Chinese, Malay, Spanish and Byzantines have been good picks because they're versatile on land and water, so you're never caught out. Huns 2. This is also the reason why Meso civs aren’t so bad in trashwars. I'm ok with just scouts, or using eagle warriors. Eߣ B† B÷ Bò Bó B‚„webmB‡ B… S€g ß? Just endure till he runs out of gold and you can spam the cheap troops. May 21, 2013 @ 6:50am Good point I should have arabia since thats a pretty standard 1v1 map. Civs that are not found used much for drushing but have good bonuses are the Persians or Britons. report. It's a big pleasure to announce a tournament that has been in the planning for a while. Meso American Civs are the notable exception, completely missing the stable and having eagle warriors, a fast moving infantery without trash counter as an option. ID3 TCON ÿþ(12)TIT2 ÿþOCT 02 0835AMTPE1 ÿþCDR420TALB ÿþLine-In RecordTMED ÿþDIGÿó@Ä [ Œ ‡hø£Â@CÄ` ü% ˜äü8 G'ù ¦\Wþ‰» A€ÿü8 C J Ð4ÿÿÓ{ÔbK”ÿÿÿó } ›™™ ¿ÿÿÿù¡¥ ãÌež%Ç™qj Çàp8ÿóBÄ âZ‚_ h â f `U4 p ‹ÍTÀ„ AÏÚšEÆn´ @ØK €Z>„Õ8Œ Àz ¦êC% r]#BCÿþ™)o«ÿèt-BÍodÝH \oÿõ =aú … All of the units are cut past units so they fit in with the original units. Lure the second boar once there's 150 food left on the first boar. Well the Meso-civs are kinda beating the cr@p against everyone, not just Ethiopians. The above minus El Dorado plus Garland Wars, let’s look at the results of that equation. Over here, I will only talk about drushing for the meso civs. ~ Rishi. Unlike most unique units, Slingers do not have an Elite version. The Koreans are probably one of the best civilizations for AoE2 deathwatch. In AoFE/AoF, Meso civs start with the weaker Eagle Scout instead, which eliminates this particular worry, but Loom is still a must. Conclusion. But also the Ethiopians even with very precise micro has not been succesfull. Kamayuks can be upgraded to Elite Kamayuks in the Imperial Age. Personally I like the anti-eagle bonus more, because it's also an indirect nerf to the forever top-tier meso civs. Maybe Mayans too but no cannon galleons has been a pain more than once. It can be trained at the Archery Range once the Castle Age is reached. Meso: Aztec. What civilization do you want?, With the new DLC of the age2DE, there are predictions that other series of games will be able to get DLC as well. The Colonial Age - 1561 - 1699. I much prefer to have cavalry . hide. 0%. Maybe HC civs could become a soft-counter pick to meso civs. M›t@-M»‹S«„ I©fS¬ ßM»ŒS«„ T®kS¬‚ EM» S«„ S»kS¬ƒ Þ ì £ I©f Z*×±ƒ B@{©’480P_600K_49008761M€ Lavf55.36.101WA Lavf55.36.101s¤ .G\ý oÔÈy0H /ÖóD‰ˆ@ÝM T®k ý® >× sÅ œ "µœƒeng†…V_VP8ƒ #ツ ü Uà °‚ º‚ ÂT°‚ Tº‚ ® ­× sÅ œ "µœƒeng†ˆA_VORBISƒ á … Last and not least is huns. 0%. The general consensus in the competitive community is that the top 5 civs in AoC are as such: 1. 0%. This thread is purely for fun, as it's highly unlikely that the devs would want to add new civilizations. What have they brought upon this God forsaken sub. The Meso civs get EWs, which pale in comparison to Knights; Knights cost 60 food and 75 gold, and when FU in Castle, they are these monsters with 120 HP, 12 attack, and 4/4 armour. The new Ages are: The Exploration Age - 1492 - 1560. 6 6. comments. 0. So in AoE2 Civilizations are all very similar, all have the same buildings, and mostly the same units available, just missing a couple upgrades here and there. Age of Empires II The 'Tank Man' Photo Remade in AoE2 September 20, 2019. best civs for team megarandom?