Remember the recipient of your gift, too, when you make gift boxes for chocolate truffles. The boxes are colorful and eye-catching. ou should also know a lot more about what it takes to create chocolate truffle gift boxes and how much effort really goes into putting them together. Bakery Box Bakery Ideas Candy Boxes Favor Boxes Wholesale Candy Truffle Boxes Gourmet Candy Cute Box Food Packaging White Window Candy Truffle Boxes 2-5/8x2-3/4x1-1/4" Holds 4 These one-piece folding candy boxes make beautiful packaging for your truffles… How does your chocolate truffles box look? Repeat the folding process with the slightly larger piece of card stock to create your lid. In the later part of this article, I’ll give you a list of all the materials you’ll need and a step-by-step instruction guide on how to put together the perfect boxes for chocolate truffles no matter what you’re looking to create. They get big points for packaging and delivering delicious truffles in the bargain. He or she will love how much thought you put into your present, and you’ll be remembered as one of the best gift-givers of the year, too! Fresh truffles; Truffles all year round. There’s nothing better than getting a nicely-packaged homemade gift for a special occasion! Our wedding favor bags are printed on white bags with your choice of 7 font colors. Being a sensitive food product, quality of truffle boxes packaging matters a lot. Branded Chocolate/Truffle Boxes Large 240 x 155 x 30mm Cavities 35 x 35 x 30mm Medium Small 110 x 80 x 30m Cavities 35x35x30mm. You should have a total of four slits cut, two on each of opposing sides of the card stock. This is a great way to give away a few truffles … ). Cut another square, this time 9 ½ inches by 9 ½ inches. Fold one uncut corner to the middle of the card stock again, then fold up the sides. or just a twine bow. 3. Do not use fragrant items like potpourri to decorate your truffle box. After baking and decorating 120 cookies on Thursday for the shower Jenna helped host this husband even helped :)...what a great guy, huh? There're four jewel tone colored chocolate gift boxes to choose from. They are also made with heavy whipping cream and feature a ganache center. If Candy Boxes are a better fit for your products, we offer everything from Artisan Candy Boxes with Trays to Chocolate and Truffle Boxes and even Nested Box Sets to create eye catching candy displays with. It’s not always easy to finish your batch of truffles. But now that you’re ready to make your own truffle box, how do you know what type to make? Fold one corner inward toward the center of the X until the tip of the corner just touches the center. On the wrong side of your first, slightly smaller, square, draw two lines from corner to corner diagonally to form a large X. Design your custom truffle packaging boxes with assistance from creative designers in your desired custom shapes, sizes and designs. For the purposes of this guide, we’ll be making a small box that can hold about four to six truffles. By now you should see the walls of the box beginning to form! Fold the cut sides in to help secure the folds you’ve already made. 9. French truffles are probably the most popular type of truffle worldwide. Our site is dedicated to that scrumptious flavor... the world-famous TRUFFLE! Whether you want to make your truffles ahead of time and keep them stored until the gift-giving holiday rolls around, or you want to write out some index cards to hand out along with your presents, be sure to keep these truffle storage tips in mind. Last update on 2020-12-19 at 22:57 A homemade food gift created in the kitchen is truly a joy to give or receive. The item’s presentation always exists in the consumer’s mind. Lindt Lindor Chocolate Box,16,26,48 Truffles … Free postage. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Christmas, your birthday, or some other big event throughout the year, it feels great to be handed a beautiful chocolate truffles gift box filled with some sweet treat, doesn’t it? I thought I would do a tutorial on how to make these cute little bags. 12. 18. Now that you know more about how to get started, as well as some good ideas for storing your truffles appropriately, you should be ready to get started. at the last minute and then immediately pack them up and hand them out! Consider lining the inside of your truffle box with a piece of wax paper or laminated scrapbooking paper, if possible. She and I made favor bags to put them in, on Friday. These delicious chocolate balls are made with a thick, creamy ganache center that is then rolled in a topping such as cocoa powder, confectioner’s sugar, chopped nuts, or some other type of easily spreadable coating. Try not to weigh down the top of your truffle box too much. Wholesale Chocolate Truffles Packaging Options 5 Piece Chocolate Truffle Retail Boxes. Before you gather your materials, be sure you have a good, solid work space where you can spread out and get down to business. Please enjoy our site! Now, all four sides of your box should be formed, and the bottom of your box is ready to go! There are different types of chocolates designed for different occasions and with different ingredients for the best enjoyment. Repeat the process for the other three corners. When giving away truffles, especially to people you don’t know very well, it’s a good idea to include a recipe card so they know exactly what they’ll be eating, in the case of food allergies. Choose your favorite customisation options, and order packaging boxes with no minimum limit. In no time, you’ll have an incredible gift box you’ll be ready to show off to everyone you know! 16. What could be more adorable than truffles decorated to look … American truffles are much different than the other two types of truffle listed here.

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